Managers Prime Responsibility

As a manager you have one prime responsibility that is more important than all others put together, which is:

The responsibility to build and maintain effective relationships

 with the people that report to you.

This does not mean other responsibilities are not important but they exist only to support and facilitate the prime responsibility.

Our mission is to inspire new and existing managers and supervisors to achieve this.

Over the next few weeks I am going to review the management buzz issues about Employee Engagement (EE), which is in my opinion is directly linked to the prime responsibility stated above.

Welcome to our first blog.

Chris Thomas





The Startling Statistics

The Employee Engagement Controversy

Recent research shows that poor management practices costs the US economy alone $350 billion every year! Can you image what the world loses!
The source of this and many more startling statistics is the US consultant Gallup Inc. who developed the EE concept as a method of measuring worldwide management efficiency.

However, other than in the world of academics and consultants it’s hardly ever mentioned. Over the next few weeks I am going to review the following key issues from a managers and supervisors point of view.

– What does employee engagement mean?
– The Gallup Q12
– Where has EE gone wrong?
– What can a manager or supervisor do about it all?

I hope that this will stipulate interest and responses from people from a broad range of managerial positions. Click for more on this

Chris Thomas